Navarino Timber Trails and Tales

The book on the history of Navarino was published in 1992. The book Timber Tales and Trails shows there is a lot of history in the township. The Navarino History Commitee choose pictures and articles that show the history in an interesting way. It was a real challenge for the committee to go back 150 years in history to compile the information.

Members of the Navarino History Committee were as follows:

Lorraine (Leeman) Bisterfeldt
Raymond Christianson
Arthur Cole
Edna (Pues) Dingeldein
Judy (Spoehr) Henrickson
Raymond Henrickson
Phyllis (Cole) Krull
Kay (Kittleson) Rider
Avery Wilber
Marjorie (Wilkinson) Wilber
Pat (Miles) Zuiches

The following contributed articles and pictures, etc. Josephine Anvelink, Mark Atkins, Darlene Beyer, Nettie Blom, Terry Conradt, Norma Christiansen, Haze Diemel, Marvin Echtner, Raymond Echtner, Thora Echtner, Esther Halvorson, Olga Herren, Edna Hilliker, Blanche Johnson, Jim Johnson, Glen Kloes, Jack Krull, Mary Krull, Alice Mueller, Mildred Olson, Marshall Peterson, Mabel Prestrud, Karl Prien, Jeanette Porter, Beverly Pues, Rachel Pues, Elroy Robley, Beatrice Schinke, Rosie Sherbeck, Ida Shortall, Erna Schwandt, Faye Schwandt, Geraldine Stephans, Marcille Stilen, Marjorie Stoehr, Ruth Simonson, Alice Westgor, Basil Wilber, Dale Wilber, Debora Wilber, Esther Wilkinson and Galen Winter.

Monetary gifts were received from the following: Aid Association for Lutherans, Appleton, Robert Krohlow, Virginia Torgenson, Navarino Fire Department and Navarino First Responders. There were 800 copies of the book printed which have been sold. Proceeds from the book were donated to charities and the Navarino Area Veterans Memorial.