New Home Procedures


  • Land should be properly zoned.
  • A soil test should be the very first step and should be done before the lot is even purchased.
  • It is the property owner’s responsibility to check with the DNR, Army Corps of Engineers or Shawano County Planning & Development Department if there is the possibility of their project being constructed in a wetland area or adjacent to a navigable stream.
  • A certified survey map is to be done in the creation of land parcels of ten acres or less and submitted to the County Planning and Development Department for review and approval.

 Then the necessary permits are: 

  1. There is a Driveway & Culvert Ordinance in the Town of Navarino.  Location of a driveway is to be established before obtaining a 911 address and fire number.  For driveways and culverts on town roads, contact Kevin Conradt .Phone: 715-758-8728 for details.  Under the town’s Driveway & Culvert Ordinance a site inspection is required.  NOTE:  This does not apply to driveways and culverts located on County or State highways, but are for driveways and culverts located on town roads.  To obtain a driveway permit on a County road contact, Shawano County Highway Department (715) 526-9182 and to obtain a driveway permit on a State road, contact  the Department of Transportation office (715)-365-3490.
  1. Have a 911 address and fire number assigned by the Real Property Lister located in the Planning and Development Department at the Shawano County Court House, 311 North Main Street, Shawano WI 54166 Phone: (715) 526-4619
  1. Obtain a Sanitary Permit from the Shawano County Zoning & Land Use Control Division Phone:  (715) 526-6766.  This requires a soil test prior to permit issuance.
  1. Contact Town Building Inspector:

Town Building Inspector

Mike Miller Inspections

W6841 Cty Rd S
Shiocton, WI 54170

Cell: (920) 428-3331
Email: [email protected]

You will need your 911 Physical Property Address and the numbers of your Driveway/Culvert Permit and Sanitary Permit, if applicable, before this permit will be issued.

  1. You need a copy of the Shawano County zoning permit
  2. A list of all your subcontractors with name, address, telephone number, and state license number. This would apply to the builder, electrician, plumber, and heating contractor.
  3. A site plan showing all building setbacks from lot lines and an erosion control plan showing silk fence, stock piles of ground, and a 50’ tracking path for trucks.
  4. A heat loss calculation sheet for the house. This can be done by the builder or heating contractor.
  5. Copies of any wetland or shoreland permits from the County.
  6. One set of complete building plans.

Remember that a home owner cannot do your own plumbing or install your heating system they must be done by a licensed contractor.


  1. Foundation must be inspected prior to backfilling, after you have installed the drain tile, stone, and insulation on the foundation.
  2. All underground plumbing needs to be inspected prior to pouring the floors.
  3. Electric Service needs to be inspected before the Power Company will hook it up.
  4. All rough ins for framing, plumbing, electrical, and heating need to inspected prior to insulation being installed.
  5. Insulation and vapor barrier inspection prior to drywall or any wall sheeting is installed.
  6. Final inspection is required prior to anyone moving into the house.
  7. Occupancy is granted once everything is 100% complete including outside grading, sidewalks and driveways are complete.
  8. Obtain a Land Use Permit from the Shawano County Zoning & Land Use Control Division at the Shawano County Court House Phone: (715) 526-6766.